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Wash. Shine. Repeat.
Use the TommyClub app to create an account, manage your wash plan, payment preferences and sign up for deals and discounts. Between Unlimited and Pay Per Wash, you can skip the line and fly through using our app lane. No hassle washing!

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Need help with your TommyClub account?

Using the App


After you've downloaded the app, enter your email and tap Start Shining.


Help us get to know you by entering your account settings and vehicle details.


Choose the plans you love and update your choices any time in My Garage.


Find your nearest Tommy's Express and start washing in the app lane!

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Need a hand with your account?

Update the app to the most recent version. Then click on a card to view step-by-step instructions.

Want more info? View our FAQs page or get in touch with our Guest Services team.

Love Your Ride with App Lane Access

We offer four wash packages so that you can choose the right clean for your car, including how you want to pay. Download the app and either pay when you wash with PayPerWash or with the Unlimited Club.

#1 Works

  • Tire Gloss
  • Body Wax®
  • Red Hot Cleanser
  • Rainbow Coat®
  • 3-Step Wheel Cleaning
  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

#2 Ultimate

  • Rainbow Coat®
  • 3-Step Wheel Cleaning
  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

#3 Super

  • Tommy Guard®
  • Underbody Flush

#4 Quality

  • Basic Exterior Wash
its that easy video cover

How it works

When you pull up, license plate recognition software automatically matches your vehicle to your account. Payments are automatically completed with your saved credit card information.

License plate recognition

Cameras positioned behind your vehicle scan your license plate and detect the license plate number in seconds. Remember, this only works if there's a clean, unobstructed view of your plate. Here are some factors that can slow down or stop this process.

Good plate illustration

Things to Avoid

license plate with frame


Large license plate frames may cover parts of some characters, which could potentially turn a "B" into an "R", or an "E" into an "F".

scratched license plate

Scratches or fading

If some parts of your license plate are scratched or faded, it can be difficult to detect the individual characters.

dirty license plate

Excessive mud, dirt or snow

We won't have a problem getting your car cleaned up, but there's less chance our cameras will read your plate.

license plate with cover


License plate covers which darken or obscure the letters make it more difficult to read your license plate.