Tommy’s Express Partners with The American Heart Association

Tommy’s Express is pleased to announce a new, official partnership for 2021 with the American Heart Association.

For the month of February, Tommy’s Express Car Wash locations will donate a portion of the membership proceeds from newly purchased #1 WORKS WASH Tommy Club Memberships to support the life-saving work of the AHA.

How it Works

  • To join TommyClub, download the Tommy’s Express app from either Google Play or the App Store and follow the prompts.
  • Once you’re signed up in the app, and your license plate number is registered, you can visit Tommy’s Express for unlimited car washes and automatic entry through the APP lane—no radio tags or punch cards required!
  • During February, Tommy’s Express will automatically donate a portion of the proceeds from all new TommyClub members at the #1 WORKS WASH level to the American Heart Association.
  • You can enjoy a month of unlimited car washing, knowing that your patronage is supporting invaluable, ground-breaking research that will help save and improve lives all around the world!

About The American Heart Association

For decades heart disease has ended more lives in the United States—and the world—than any other single cause of death. And on the global stage, stroke ranks at number two.

From its first meeting in 1924, the American Heart Association has worked on new treatments and research to better understand and cure these terrible conditions and prevent the death, pain, and disability that they cause.

With over 2,800 employees and more than 40 million volunteers and supporters, the AHA has grown to become the United States’ oldest and largest volunteer organization of its kind, with over 4.5 billion dollars invested in cutting-edge medical and technical research focusing on heart disease and stroke treatment, recovery, and prevention.

About Tommy’s Express Car Wash

Since 2016 Tommy’s Express Car Wash has set a new standard for modern, professional car washing in the United States.

With a fully-integrated, custom-designed building and car wash equipment line, the TommyClub unlimited wash membership and digital app, and unbeatable customer service, Tommy’s Express Car wash are ready to be YOUR life-long car wash partner.

Visit the Tommy’s Express homepage or check your local Tommy’s Express’ Facebook page to learn more.