Brighten Your Week at Tommy’s Express

March is just one of those months, isn’t it? Gray skies–unless you’re basking in the sunshine in Florida right now–and empty calendars (especially this year) and nothing much to look forward to until Spring breaks in.

But if you or any bored kids or grandkids hanging around the house need a break and a bit of excitement without even leaving your car, you should visit your local Tommy’s Express Car Wash for an experience you won’t find anywhere else!

A Destination Car Wash

From our bright red towers to those long glass walls and big clear roof, a Tommy’s Express wash makes an impression. And there’s a good reason that our washes look the way they do.

By opening up our concept with a high and wide wash bay and tons of glass, we let natural light in so you can see what’s going on without that dark, claustrophobic feeling you might get in another car wash setting.

The same goes for our round stainless-steel entryways and arches and our extra-wide dual belt conveyor. These features work together to make loading into the wash easy and comfortable, giving you and your car plenty of space as you move through the tunnel—with extraordinary cleaning and drying coverage too!

Lights and Color

Ready for a show?

Our Rainbow Coat® and Red Hot Cleanser services flood your car with glowing rainbow-colored lights and a blazing lava-red cascade of frothy grime-busting vehicle cleanser. Plus, they smell pretty great.

And by the way… yes, we do love seeing just how much fun kids of all ages have when they go through, whether it’s the first time or the hundredth!

A Great Looking Car

Putting on a good show is one thing, but delivering thousands of clean cars every day? That’s something else, and we put in the hard work to make sure that when you wash at Tommy’s Express, your car always comes out looking OUTSTANDING.

And it’s not just about keeping your car looking fresh. Our underbody flush service helps clean salt and grime from a place you can’t see to prevent rusting, and our Tommy Guard®, Body Wax®, and Tommy Tire Gloss services add luster to your paintwork along with subtle layers of protection against elemental wear and tear.

For those who wash regularly, these extra services can make a surprisingly big difference over time.

Car Washes Without the Wait

With multiple entry lanes, license plate recognition technology, and a high-capacity conveyor system, Tommy’s Express Car Washes are designed so that you never have a long wait to get your car cleaned. Even on those crazy-busy days when the sun comes out and everyone and their uncle heads over to the wash.

Incredible Value

Ready to give Tommy’s Express a try? You’ve got three great options to choose from:

  • Option 1: Stop by the cashier lane to say hi and pay by cash or card.
  • Option 2: Download the Tommy’s Express app and enter your payment info to pay as you go without a monthly subscription.
  • Option 3: Download the app and join the TommyClub to save money on UNLIMITED car washing on-demand!

Remember, as long as you’re enrolled in the Tommy’s Express app; you’ll be able to use our members-only APP lane for fast, automatic entry into the wash using our custom license plate recognition system. Also, you can use the app to manage your account settings at any time. No customer service calls are required.

So, if the gray skies have you feeling down, just take a break and give yourself (and your car!) a quick getaway at your local Tommy’s Express. And make sure to follow your local Tommy’s Express location on Facebook for Spring Season Promotions and Giveaways, coming soon!