Celebrate Your Dad With Tommy’s Express!

Let’s face it: we’ve all had a pretty crazy time since last June, and that goes for our dads too.

So, this Father’s Day, let’s come together and make up for some lost time as we show our dads, pops, papas, husbands, partners, grandpas, and granddads just how much they mean to us.

When Is Father’s Day 2021?

Sunday, June 20. Father’s Day always falls on the third Sunday in June, which this year just happens to be the first day of summer, so there’s even more to celebrate!

What Should I Get My Dad This Father’s Day?

Unless they keep a list handy, dads can be hard to buy for. But that doesn’t mean that choosing a unique Father’s Day gift has to be a struggle.

Instead, think about your dad, what he is like, and what he likes, and what could make his life a bit better.

Is he into tech? What about landscaping? Cars? Outdoor adventures? Cooking? Grilling? Sports? Gaming? Live music? Playing music? Travel?

Focus on experiences, not stuff, and see if you can get your dad something that lets you spend time with him doing something that will 1) excite him and 2) that you’ll both remember. That’s why some of the best gift cards for dads aren’t for things you buy, but what you can do together!

Even if it’s just as simple as snagging a gift card to a restaurant or planning a date night out to the movies, make some plans.

What About Tommy’s Express Gift Cards?

We’re glad you asked! Tommy’s Express gift cards and gift memberships are the perfect Father’s Day gift option for dads who:

  • Always catch the news before work
  • Can’t wait to crack a cold one or with the guys over Saturday Night football
  • Know exactly how to handle burgers, steaks, and bratsā€”the ultimate family grill master
  • Love to ride in sunny summer weather, whether in the car, truck, or a brand-new lawnmower
  • Is always there for you, no matter what šŸ˜Š

That’s because Tommy’s Express memberships let dads just like yours keep their car looking great no matter the season, with excellent wash quality and outstanding, totally modernized speed and convenience. You get a great (and affordable!) gift option, and he gets his car washed and cleaned on-demand, so he can get on with his day, fitting 100% contactless washes in before or after work, while running errands, or on the way home from the hardware store.

Just be sure to offer to go along with him when he heads out. We’re sure he’d love to see you riding shotgun or smiling up at him from the back seat.