Do you offer pet washes?

Golden retriever dog in a clean, red, car with the window down.

Although we love our furry friends, we don’t offer pet washes at our sites.  

Taking care of your pet is just like taking care of your car – you always want to make sure it’s clean and comfortable. 

We want that, too.  

But for now, you’ll have to keep your pet-friendly sudsy fun safe at home. The more bubbles, the better! 

We’re big pet lovers, but our washes are just for cars. 

Car Wash with a Dog Wash

While we don’t offer pet washes, we love seeing pets come through our wash! If you stop at the window, we may even have a treat available for your pet.

An exterior dog wash at a car wash location is a convenient do-it-yourself alternative to taking furry family members to the groomers.  

We get that – it’s like an all-in-one option to clean your car and your dog at once.  

It’s definitely food for thought for our future. 

For now, visit your favorite Tommy’s Express for a fast, convenient way to love your ride. 

We have a few furry friends who love taking a trip through our tunnel. If you have another fan who loves a quick trip through the wash, take a picture or video and tag us on your social media. We love sharing!