Do your washes clean under my car?

Cartoon of a jeep going through the arches with the Underbody Flush

For a short answer, yes! We do clean under your car. 

If you want to make sure your vehicle is getting an underbody flush, ask for the Works, Super, or Ultimate wash at Tommy’s Express. 

All three wash packages include an underbody flush to make sure that your car is sparkling, even where you can’t see it. 

We do clean under your car.

Why do I need to clean under the car?

One of the best ways you can protect the investment of your car is to keep it clean – on all sides. 

The Tommy’s Express underbody flush is a gentle, water-only spray with no added detergents. 

It’s a low-pressure rinse for your undercarriage of the vehicle. We’ve designed it to remove any road debris, dirt, chemicals, or salt. 

An underbody flush during the winter months really helps clean the bottom of the car and prevents rust.  

If you’re located in an area that regularly uses salt or road chemicals in the winter, upgrade to the Works, Super, or Ultimate wash package for that essential underbody clean. 

Nick Smith is a field business consultant for Tommy’s Express. “The underbody flush is a great low-pressure addition to our Works, Super, and Ultimate packages. It helps remove all the loose dirt and salt from the underbody of the vehicle, aiding in the reduction of potential rust buildup.” 

Regular maintenance keeps your vehicle in its very best shape for the full lifespan.  

It’s just like power washing your deck — the best way you can keep your ride in prime shape is by taking care of it. 

Give your car the love it deserves and upgrade your wash today at your favorite Tommy’s Express. Find your nearest location here.