Why YOU Need Unlimited Car Washes in 2021!

2021 is here at last, and at Tommy’s Express, we’d like you to help us make the new year one to remember—for all the right reasons!

A new year means a new start, a new chance to live brighter and make our world a better place. And we believe that responsible car washing is the perfect place to start.

Living Brighter and ENRICHING LIVES!

When you wash at Tommy’s Express, you’re helping support members of your own community, and you’re helping us give back on both the local and national levels.

Members of Your Community

Each and every Tommy’s Express franchise is locally-owned and operated, and we all work hard to give back and support the communities that have welcomed and supported us. We invite you to follow your local Tommy’s Express locations on social media to learn more about their community involvement this year.

Water Mission

Every time you wash at Tommy’s Express, we make a small contribution to Water Mission, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing sustainable, clean water to those who need it most.

These contributions add up FAST, and the program has made a huge difference in the world. We’re proud to say that, together with our supporters, we’ve helped to bring long-term drinking water access to thousands of at-risk people across the globe, with much more yet to come.


Last year was a big year for staying at home and saving money. But washing your car in the driveway isn’t a great option when it comes to the environment.

Responsible Water Consumption

An average garden hose puts out a dozen gallons of water or more every minute. Depending on your driveway wash/rinse technique, this can add up to hundreds of gallons per car headed right down the pavement.

By using water pressure instead of volume, our car washes are able to clean your car faster and better while keeping water consumption down to around 35 gallons total per vehicle—right around a single load of laundry!

Protecting the Environment

When you scrub up and rinse off your car at home, the suds have to go somewhere, and that somewhere eventually leads to local groundwater, streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers. Each year this detergent runoff causes serious environmental damage, including fish die-offs from algae blooms and oxygen loss.

At Tommy’s Express, 100% of the soap, wax, and sealer used to keep your car looking great is safely contained and routed off to treatment via sanitary sewer systems, keeping your local waterways clean.


Tommy Club is the perfect solution for subscription-based, affordable, unlimited car washing that fits into your schedule and puts you in control.

The TommyClub App

To get started with unlimited car washes, all you have to do is download the TommyClub app to your phone or another mobile device and sign up. As soon as you’re finished, you’ll be good to go with our original, touchless license plate recognition system and no-limit car wash access all month long.

Account Management Done Right

If you ever need to put your subscription on hold, cancel your next month’s payment, or add a new car, it’s no problem at all. You can just log back into the app and make the changes to your account directly.

That’s right. To stop or change your membership, you don’t have to call, you don’t have to wait for manager approval, and you don’t have to visit the wash window in person. No hassle, no stress. Just awesome car washing on-demand!

This year, more than ever, the whole Tommy’s Express team is excited to serve you and be a part of your life. It’s a new year—let’s make it great together!