Sustainable Car Wash Practices: Tommy’s Express introduces biodegradable plastic bags

a sustainable car wash cartoon earth with water droplet

Talking about green business practices is one thing. 

Putting them into action is another. 

At Tommy’s Express, we’re dedicated to being a force for good in the communities we serve. 

For us, that means being a sustainable car wash that cares about the environment and the impact we have on the earth.  
For example: We wanted to be purposeful in the way we engineered our building and systems. Now, our innovative water reclamation processes, reverse osmosis technology, and specialized dilution rates reduce water usage and product waste.  

We’re committed to leaving a smaller impact on the earth. Read more about why it’s better to wash at Tommy’s Express versus driveway washing

Reducing our environmental footprint takes serious effort.  

It’s a process.   

But every little bit helps. 

Another way we’re doing our part is by switching to biodegradable plastic bags to protect rear wiper blades in the car wash.  

Plastic bags at car wash locations

Our manufacturer, Tommy Car Wash Systems, sold just under 3 million plastic bags last year.  

While we hope that our guests recycle the plastic bags after visiting our wash locations, it’s not always a guarantee.  

Other car washes might tape the rear wiper blade instead of using a plastic bag. That wasn’t a sustainable or safe option for us. 

Switching to biodegradable plastic bags helps everyone.  

Curious about the science behind how the biodegrading works? 

  • A special additive makes the plastic film react to UV light and degrade.  
  • After exposure to light, the film attracts microbes that further degrade the film into biomass.  

If a plastic bag falls off a car, its direct sunlight exposure forces a microbe-rich environment, and the bag should biodegrade quickly.  

More than a sustainable car wash

Serving our communities is more than just offering a car wash service.  
To us, it’s caring about the environment and the world we leave behind for future generations. 

This is just the start.  

There’s a spirit of innovation at the heart of Tommy’s Express.  

We’re always looking to make our products better, our processes more efficient, and our car washes the best they can be.  
Does that sound interesting to you? We’re hiring! Find a job at a local car wash, or come work for us at our corporate headquarters