What is TommyClub?

A graphic of a red car outside of Tommy's Express Car Wash

One of our guests’ favorite services at Tommy’s Express is joining TommyClub.  


Because it lets them wash exactly how they want. 

Once you download our app and complete your registration, you are officially a TommyClub member. Welcome! We’re glad you’re here. 

Next, it’s up to each guest to decide what type of TommyClub car wash membership they want to have.  

The great debate: Unlimited vs. PayPerWash

Some guests prefer an Unlimited TommyClub membership.

They love to roll through the wash on their daily work commute, after a dusty day on some back roads, or at the end of a long road trip. There’s something so refreshing about a car wash and getting extra clean after being on the road. 

The best part? Unlimited really means unlimited. There’s no cap on how many times guests can wash per week or per month. Wash anywhere around your area, at any Tommy’s Express location. 

On the other hand, PayPerWash users really love the flexibility of only paying for each wash. Once they link their card in the app, they can set it and forget it. The license plate readers in the app lane scan their vehicle, approve the wash, and they’re off and running. It’s contactless payments at its finest! 

Every wash package can choose Unlimited or PayPerWash

A drawing of the Tommy's Express app with MyGarage pulled up.

Everyone has a favorite Tommy’s Express car wash package. It really is all about how each guest wants to wash. 

Our car wash menu includes QUALITY, SUPER, ULTIMATE, or the WORKS packages. The easiest way to manage your membership is inside our app. With every option, you can choose either an Unlimited or PayPerWash car wash membership.  

The WORKS is our top wash package. For car lovers, we always recommend the WORKS to keep your vehicle clean, shiny, and looking its best. The more you wash with the WORKS, the better it protects your car investment. Think of it as preventative maintenance.  

We want to make it as easy as possible for guests to wash exactly how they want. It’s up to you! 

Tommy’s Express prices vary by each site, and are can be found on your locations page. Find your favorite and check out their car wash menu. 

Join TommyClub today for the best car washing experience! 

For full details on each wash package, read our terms and conditions. Unlimited memberships are for personal vehicles only. Our fleet program is available for single-source billing for businesses.