Navigating Busy Days At The Car Wash!

March 20 marks the first day of spring at last! But for much of the country these warm, sunny days that melt away the snow mean long lines and busy traffic around your local Tommy’s Express. Fortunately, we’re ready! At full capacity and fast conveyor speeds we can load up to three cars a minute, so even long lines move forward fast.

But there are still a few things that you, our faithful customers, can do to make your wash quicker and easier for everyone (you and us!) on these extra-busy days:

Plan for Off Hours

If you can, visit the wash during less busy hours to take advantage of short lines visit. Early morning or the evening before we close are some of the best opportunities. And don’t worry if you want to vacuum out your car while you’re here—longer daylight hours and lot lights should give you plenty of visibility.

Never Block Traffic

When lines are longest they may reach all the way from the gates to the main road. It’s important that drivers never line up on the road outside the property or block traffic while waiting for the car wash. If there is another entrance, go around and try to join the line there or take a lap and turn in when there is space.

Consider the APP Lane

Everyone can use the cashier lane to go through the wash, including TommyClub members. But only TommyClub members can use the APP lane and skip the long lines. Plus, because the APP lane is wireless there is less wait and cars are admitted much more quickly.

If you want unlimited faster visits for one monthly rate, consider joining the club by downloading the Tommy’s Express App and signing up for a membership. You can cancel your next month any time, so feel free to take advantage of a few weeks of spring cleaning washes before going back to single washes afterwards.

Pay Attention to all Attendants

These record-breaking days mean our sites have all-hands-on-deck, but we still need your help and cooperation.

Always be careful leaving the wash and turning back out into normal traffic, and please pay close attention to all attendants managing traffic flow, processing payments, or loading vehicles safely onto the belt conveyor. Have your payment methods ready before you get to the window and be courteous to others waiting to use the vacuum stations.

Remember, everyone here at Tommy’s Express is doing our very best to help you get through the wash and back on with your day as fast and safely as possible. Thank you! 🙂

Tommy’s Express Car Wash