Tommy’s Express, a Less Scary Car Wash Experience

For most of our customers a trip to the average car wash is no big deal. But, for a few, the dark, dank, and cave-like experience of rolling through a block car wash tunnel is a very uncomfortable experience.

The team behind Tommy’s Express realized long ago that car washes don’t have to be tight, constricted, black holes that trigger claustrophobic feelings. That’s why our car washes have been designed from the ground up to be open, airy, and flooded with natural light.

If you’ve struggled with visiting car washes in the past we understand how you feel, and we invite you to give your local Tommy’s Express a try. Our large rounded arches, full bay windows, and transparent roof make most customers (even many who aren’t a fan of tight spaces) feel more comfortable and at ease than any other car wash system. And if you’re at all worried please feel free to stop by the cashier window. Our staff will do whatever they can to make you feel more at ease during the wash process, including giving you more room during the loading process and answering any questions you might have.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash

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