Keep Tires Looking New with Tommy’s Express Tire Gloss!

I was having my tires rotated when the tech took me outside for the inspection.

“Wow,” he said, crouching down. “These still look brand new.”

But they aren’t new. In fact, they’re almost two years old and see nearly two hundred miles of commuting each week—with the tread-wear to show for it. But even up close the tires themselves still look spectacular, and I know why.

Tommy Tire Gloss

I’m a Tommy’s Express employee, but even outside of work I visit our local car washes often, about once every week or so. I keep a Works TommyClub membership set up on my car and we get single washes for my wife’s every month or so. That means that several times a month my tires get a healthy coating of tire dressing, and it makes a huge difference.

Tommy Tire Gloss is a water-based dressing, which means it’s an aqueous solution containing natural oils and synthetic polymers that adhere to the tire rubber, providing a non-greasy, satin-like finish that resembles the healthy deep black color of a new tire. One trip through helps refresh old tires, dramatically improving their short-term appearance. Repeated trips darken and deepen the effect, which is great for the overall appearance of the car.

The Tire Gloss is applied using rotating bristle applicators located at the very end of the wash tunnel, directly after the heated drying process and after the Three-Step Tire Cleaning process, which removes dirt, mud, brake dust, and tar on your vehicle’s wheels and running boards. These applicator bristles weep droplets of product as they rotate, gently painting your tires without over-saturation as you pull through.

But, besides leaving your tires looking great, what are the advantages of upgrading your wash to include Tommy’s Express Tire Gloss?

  • The mixture is non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly
  • It includes UV blocking agents to protect the rubber and slow down cracking, fading, or hardening due to sun exposure
  • The Tire Gloss is non-stick and won’t damage paint or other vehicle surfaces
  • Fast application as the final service in each Works Wash
  • It applies smoothly and layers well, so you can visit the car wash for tire shine service more often for better and better-looking results!

If you’ve never visited Tommy’s Express in the past, or you haven’t yet tried our Tire Gloss service, we invite you to give us a chance soon! Tire Gloss is a fast and affordable fan-favorite service available every day as part of the Works-level TommyClub membership.

Find your local Tommy’s Express and sign up now using the Tommy’s Express App. We’ll see you soon!

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