5 Reasons to Spring Clean your Car at Tommy’s Express

Whether you live in sunny California or the still chilly Midwest, the season for spring cleaning is here! Here are five reasons why you won’t find a better place to deep clean your vehicle for the summer than your nearest Tommy’s Express Car Wash:

1. Fast, Powerful Exterior Washing

Tommy's Express Car Washing

When you bring your car in our high-pressure blasters and soft cloth brushes do a great job at pulling away the built-up dust and grime from the winter months. The same goes for your undercarriage, which (if you live in the north) probably has built-up road salt deposits, which cause corrosion. With wash times of three minutes, and wait times of less than ten minutes even during our busiest days, there’s no faster way to give the family car a good scrub.

2. Outstanding Extras

Car Wash Arches

Try our Works Wash and your car will come out better than clean with UV protectant to help block the sun’s damaging rays, Hot Wax for even greater paint protection and shine, and Tire Gloss for a perfect dark-black wet look finish.

3. Free Vacuums

Tommy's Express Free Vacuums

Our free vacuum stations are the perfect destination for anyone with onboard dust, crumbs, or trash that just have to go. Use our high-power, dual drop vacs to clean your car from the inside out without dragging a hose back and forth, and enjoy the nice weather from a freshly cleaned vehicle when you’re done.

4. Cleaning Kits

Detailing Kit Vending Machine

Try one of our detail kits, loaded with everything you need to give your console and windows a fresh spring shine. The packs include Glass Cleaner Towelettes, a Microfiber Towel, Multipurpose Scented Wipes, and a Little Tree Air Freshener to keep your vehicle smelling clean long after you head home.

5. Floor Mat Cleaners

Tommy's Express Rug Mat Cleaner

At participating locations, our powerful floor mat cleaners are up and running right now! Just insert your dirty, salty floor mats and get them back deep-cleaned and dry in less than a minute each.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash