Every Day Is Earth Day at Tommy’s Express

A cartoon drawing of Earth on a red background with a water drop next to it.

In grade school, Earth Day was a yearly event during which we all focused on our world and the water, air, plants, and animals on it. But as you get older, it can be hard to feel like your day-to-day choices are really making a difference for the planet. Sure, you reduce, reuse, recycle and turn the AC down when you can, but is there anything more you can do?  

Avoid Driveway Washing

We’re all familiar with the weekend tradition of pulling the car into the driveway and lugging out the hose and bucket.    

It turns out that this kind of car washing does more harm than good for our environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and countless state and local government bodies and nonprofit groups, washing your car in the driveway should be avoided for two main reasons:   

1.       It’s water inefficient.   

Hoses go through a surprising amount of water each second they run, which puts unnecessary stress on local water systems in drought-prone areas. We’re talking 116 gallons on average according to one EPA estimate.   

2.       It contributes to water pollution  

Consider that everything you wash off your car, including your cleaning detergents, wax, tire shine, road salt, tar, motor oil, and gasoline, runs down and eventually finds its way, unfiltered, into storm drains, streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers in your area and all the way downstream to the ocean.   

Wash at Tommy’s Express Instead

Three water jugs showing how much water a driveway car wash, average automated car wash, and Tommy's Express Car Wash all use.

So, if driveway washing isn’t a good option and your car is covered in bug smears and dust, should you visit Tommy’s Express?  

The answer, I’m happy to say, is that the best, most environmentally-responsible option you can choose just happens to also be the fastest and most convenient: Tommy’s Express!  

Modern Tommy’s Express tunnels use an average of just 28.1 gallons of water to clean a single car. That’s only about as much water as it takes to wash two loads of laundry using a high-efficiency washing machine, or almost as much water as you can get out of a standard garden hose in a minute and a half.   

It’s also less than most other comparable tunnel washes (46.4 gallons), and the majority of automatic car washes, too, depending on the specific model and systems they use.   

Efficiency By Design

This is no accident. We’ve set out to be more than just a neighborhood car wash. For years, since our very inception, the Tommy’s Express team has worked hard and invested in customized equipment, building materials, and wash products, all aimed at setting a new standard and bringing new, sustainable, Earth-friendly best practices to our industry and communities across the country.   

In other words, we give you the best possible car wash solution at the best possible value, all while conserving energy and water and keeping harmful runoff out of your local waterways.   

The reason why we’re able to use so much less water per vehicle while still delivering outstanding wash quality at express speeds comes down to technology. Specifically: 

High-Pressure Water Blasters  

By increasing water pressure, we can provide excellent cleaning and rinsing force with less total water consumption.  

Water Reclamation Technology  

While washing cars, it’s essential to use clean, grit-free water. By filtering and reusing water for specific functions, our high-performance water reclamation systems can reduce our overall water consumption significantly without harming your vehicle your wash quality.   

Proprietary Wash Products  

From our Presoak to Body Soap, Body Wax®, Tommy Guard®, Drying Agent, and Tommy Tire Gloss® all our wash products and applications have been specially designed and tuned for the best possible performance, allowing us to give your car the care and attention it deserves while using less product and less water per vehicle.   

Sanitary Sewers  

Every time you visit Tommy’s Express, you can rest easy knowing that 100% of the water and wash products used on your car are safely contained and carried to treatment facilities via a specialized, municipal sanitary sewer. This keeps harmful runoff from your local lakes and streams for a greener, more responsible car maintenance routine.   

Responsible Car Washing For All!

So, when we say that Earth Day is every day at Tommy’s Express, you should know that we mean it! Earth is our planet and our home, and it’s our job to take care of it. We hope you’ll do the same.  

If you’d like responsible, high-quality car washing at an unbeatable value, then join the TommyClub today. You’ll receive unlimited, on-demand car washes at a low monthly subscription, plus exclusive contactless admission to all Tommy’s Express locations via the members-only APP lane.   

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