How do I pause my TommyClub membership?

Hey, life happens.  

Is your car in the shop? Are you going out of town for a trip? Taking care of a loved one out of state? Lose some income unexpectedly? 

There are many reasons why you might want to pause a subscription. 

And no one wants to jump through 16 hoops to make a simple change. 

It’s easy to do in the Tommy’s Express Car Wash app. 

Here’s how to pause* your TommyClub membership inside the app:

  1. Tap the navigation lines in the top right-hand corner. 
  1. Tap My Garage
  1. Tap Manage My Subscription
  1. Tap Pause Subscription
  1. Read the instructions and select or add the vehicle you’d like to pause. 
  1. Tap Continue
  1. Tap the length of time you’d like to pause your account. 
  1. Confirm your pause length and finish. 

Note: The maximum pause time is 3 months; after that time, your subscription will restart, and you can wash again!  
If you’d like to extend the pause, swing through our cashier window and one of our team members will gladly set the pause for your specified time. 

You can watch this short tutorial for additional support. Need help? Check out our FAQs or send us a message on Facebook. We’d be happy to help!  

*The pause feature is not available for members currently using a gift card or nonrenewing subscription.