Is a TommyClub membership month-to-month?

Tommy's Express App on a phone next to the Tommy's Express Car Wash

We are always striving to make TommyClub® easy to use for everyone.  

We offer both a month-to-month UNLIMITED membership option as well as a PayPerWash™ option so you can choose how often you wash. 

With the UNLIMITED plan, you are only billed month-to-month, not annually – there are no long-term contracts. A monthly car wash membership is the perfect way to keep your vehicle in its best shape. 

PayPerWash is exactly as it sounds – you’re only charged per wash. No monthly or annual fees for this option. 

Download our app today. You can create an account, manage your wash plan, change payment preferences, and sign up for deals and discounts.  

With both UNLIMITED and PayPerWash, you can take the APP lane, skipping the cashier window and making your day a little bit smoother. 

We love seeing our guests ride through the wash with a smile on their face. 

All the important details

A calendar with the Tommy's Express logo as a date on it.

Keeping that sparkle and shine is easy.

Your membership will auto-renew each month on the same billing date.

If you’d like, cancel or change your car wash subscription at any time. Once canceled, you can continue washing through the end of your paid wash cycle. 

If you need help with your account, check out our commonly asked questions about TommyClub. 

If there’s anything else we can help with, feel free to ask at your favorite Tommy’s Express, or contact our Guest Services department. We’re happy to help!